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Pâtisserie Cyclisme combines a love of cycling with a passion for cake and cafés. Their logo communicates this by … well … by being a doily made of bike cogs. enables users to submit reviews of cycling cafés directly to the site, and for readers to comment on them.

The site also features an automatically generated Google map of all the cafés reviewed in addition to news and features. The site is currently publishing new user-submitted reviews at a rate of around 100 per month.

Pâtisserie Cyclisme

Website design & development

Taking the developed brand, Pâtisserie Cyclisme plan to create unique branded merchandise for sale through their online store

Pâtisserie Cyclisme

Branded merchandise development makes use of responsive design techniques to automatically deliver an optimised layout to users on mobile devices.

Pâtisserie Cyclisme

Mobile website layout

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